This site contains +18 content not meant to be taken seriously, this is all for the lolz, but nevertheless be carefull and all that
or don't I really dont care either way.
This site is NOT meant to be seen on a phone/tablet screen.
Don't take anything too serious lmao
or Do! Who am I to tell you what to do

I'm a demon that's always crying, my hobby is to be a catboy online, I draw dogs sometimes
I spend all my time online don't expect much from me

Resident Evil - Ace Attorney - Neon Genesis Evangelion - Minecraft

Call me whatever I have no name
Male Thing (He/It pronouns)
Currently Living in Hell
Born in October, I'm a libra
College drop-out lol

Owls:They're greatThey're cool looking
not that smart
but trying nonetheless.
Congrats on getting this far,
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